I’m not famous and have a very small readership (at the moment!) but if I get discouraged by the fact that I’m not in the best sellers ranking it stops me from writing. Looking at celebrities launching books and getting stressed that they already have it made does not help creativity. I am learning that there is no shame in a moving a little at a time, in fact, it is actually a blessing. I am free to make mistakes and not be ridiculed for it, write what I love to write without the pressure to please everyone, be the author that I choose to be with the values that I stand on.

I hope that one day I will be widely read, but even if that young man in that one school is the one I have spent hours at my laptop for, it is worth it. We shouldn’t put value on someone’s gift or talent based on how famous they are, after all that will fade away. How about we start to value we can add to someone’s life?

Luca, from The Compassion series doesn’t think he has much value but, if you follow the books, he discovers that he can change so many things. His feeling of being insignificant can be what we all feel, yet he was able to change the world around him. I have a bit of a challenge for you over the summer based on Luca. What will you do, be or offer to the people in your world that will change everything for them? It could be as simple as taking the dog for a walk, picking up litter, offering to carry their shopping or taking time to offer them a smile or it might be writing a letter to your MP over something that you feel passionate about. Either way, you are not unseen and you have value that no one else can offer to this world and the people around you.