I wrote this little poem about a child’s perspective of Christmas eve for a competition … but I was beaten by a poem about a slug! Never mind. I hope that you enjoy it. Happy Christmas.


The Morn Before Christmas … Or the Forgotten Star

The morn before Christmas

Was loud and was bright.

I entered the lounge,

Saw the cat had a fight.


The tree had been felled

And the tinsel spread far.

The baubles were broken

And there was no star.


We lifted the tree and

The lights were plugged in.

They flickered and sizzled.

Whipped off … shoved in bin.


So time to go shopping;

Huge queue where we park.

No one seemed happy.

… I heard the remark!


The people are rushing

and pushing and … mean.

They don’t seem to like this,

… they aren’t very keen.


A man in a wool hat,

Is hunched on the ground.

He’s wrapped in a blanket

That’s tattered and browned.


I watch as the people

Rush past and squeeze through.

It’s our turn to join them,

There’s things we must do.


There’s jingles and sleigh bells

In songs that blast out.

I join in the singing.

What is it about?


A shop front is misty

And full of gold things,

Adorned with fine ribbons,

Surrounded by kings.


We manage to find

All the things on the list.

Forgotten the new star

… somehow it was missed.


Back home there is chaos;

The turkey’s ice cold,

The spare room is dusty.

Not good! Gran is old.


The afternoon’s busy;

Make space for our guest,

Sweet smells from the kitchen,

There’s no time to rest.


I pull out the box

Full of glitter and card.

Creating a new star?

It can’t be that hard!


I cut, fold and stick

I use plenty of glue.

The gold sparkles look great.

Hope they’ll love it too.


I draw all our portraits

On tips of the star.

All smiling and joyful,

‘Cause that’s who we are!


When evening arrives

Everything is complete.

The mad rush is over.

Let’s put up our feet.


Outside it is dark,

Still no sign of the snow.

But inside it’s warm

By the tree all aglow.


I have a great present

To give to them all.

I show them my star,

… then I’m lifted so tall


It’s time for bed now,

… too excited to sleep!

My present’s come early,

One I get to keep.


The meaning of Christmas

Is easy to see.

You don’t have to search hard.

Just take it from me.


I have the best gift here,

On Christmas Eve night.

My star on the tree top,

My loved ones held tight.