Just for fun … below is a list of 5 characteristics that might suggest you should be a fiction writer.

  1. You often find that you are having chats with yourself or with [imaginary] people. Perhaps you find yourself working out where a conversation will go or should go and what you will say in response to the other [imaginary] person … you have a script in which that dialog happened!
  2. It isn’t enough for you to just have the now story, you want to know why someone or something is the way it is and what was the defining moment … You enjoy the backstory and the plot twist.
  3. When you go to your happy place, it isn’t a real place. A country walk, a friend’s house, a pub … they are pleasant enough but the best place is in you own head … you have a world where anything can happen and is shaped for you.
  4. You find that you haven’t followed the conversation of your [real] friends and have somehow missed whole chunks ……………………… during which you have drifted off into some other place and had some moment of enlightenment or adventure ….
  5. Lots of your favourite friends can be taken wherever you go … unfortunately they are 11pt text on a page.

… of course these might also mean that you should get out more often – which could also suggest that you are already a writer and spending too much time at your laptop and not with the real world!

Katy 🙂