I have heard it said that ‘There is a novel inside everyone, but in most cases that is where it should stay!’ It seems that, at least the first bit of the statement is true. When people hear that I write fiction the conversation often turns to the story that they have been thinking about or the unfinished manuscript they started years ago. I don’t mind those conversations at all. It is very exciting to hear about the creativity inside different people and discover the variations of what they want to tell. Out there in the blog-world I want to put forward just 5 possible reasons (for now) why you should do it … write your book.

ONE  You don’t mind your own company, in fact it is the place you prefer to be. Writing a book is a long process and the vast majority of that is spent by yourself. If you can’t bear to be alone … you may be better suited for another activity because writing a book could make you ill. Please look after yourself.

TWO  You have masses of stamina. I think that most authors have their own type of superhuman power. You won’t get fit sat at a computer but the brain muscle is definitely exercised as you play with words and create worlds. To hold a world together is a mean feat indeed and to create one requires time … and lots of it.

THREE  Everyone else tells you that you should write. If others can see that you have a way with words or storytelling skills, you may just be able to put that into print. If, however, it is just your mother that is championing you, just remember those that are humiliated on talent shows … don’t put yourself in their shoes.

FOUR  Your story might just be the thing that no-one has ever heard before … it could change someone’s life. I am being a bit dramatic, maybe, but there are books out there that have influenced thinking and culture through telling a simple story.

FIVE  You might be the next undiscovered genius of fiction. Well, you might be! You have no idea who might read that manuscript, who will publish it and who will buy it. Do you believe in yourself?

This was just for fun but does this describe you? So when are you going to start then?!

Katy 😉