Last week I looked at 5 reasons to write your book … this week I want to put you off! I want to give you 5 reasons why the quote  ‘There is a novel inside everyone, but in most cases that is where it should stay!’ should be true of you.

ONE  You are too busy. No, really you are! Unless you are going to rehash loads of stuff that you have already on your laptop, you don’t have time to write a book. The time to read a book does not equate to the time to write one at all. So many hours go into writing. If you have a full time job, you may become a bit of a hermit if you decide to write.

TWO  You hate research and planning … you are more of a let it flow type of person. To write a fiction book you need to be organised and disciplined. A book doesn’t usually write itself. Research and planning are essential to a good book … and there are many hours of invisible and unproductive work involved. The battle to even begin can be like climbing a mountain.

THREE  You worry about what people think of you. If you write a book and people don’t like it … you will know! Your mind will tell you that books selling and lack of reviews means you are rubbish … as does no books selling also means you are rubbish – no win! Before you write, get this mindset sorted because it will rear its ugly head … guaranteed!

FOUR  You want to be famous and rich. Honestly, this is not a realistic expectation! There are authors that become both of these things, but for the majority, writing cannot be about fame. Of course, if you are already famous it seems that a book is a simple thing to progress to which is perhaps what creates that link.

FIVE  You don’t like being surprised by people. If you enjoy predictable and familiar relationships, you might just end up hating your fictional characters. I have written a fair few books now and I can honestly say that my characters have a life of their own. Yes, I may be the one committing them to the page, but often, if they have real qualities, they will determine the outcome of events. As an author, I have the story line and plot mapped out, but the characters will each have a developing role and can add a few unexpected twists along the way.

With all that said and done, I would like to say that everyone does have a story. Your story may not need to be put into print but can still impact the people around you. What message does your story convey? Well, put it out there anyway! What can be said in printed word can often be communicated in action and deed to others. This should be our first call in giving our story to others.

Thanks for reading … I’m now going to get busy with some writing!

Katy 😉