So you have decided that you want to write a novel … you are brave! Before you take up your courageous quest, I have listed 10 things that I have found helpful.

  1. Know your reader – ask yourself who are you writing for. If you want only graduates to read it, use intellectual language and be clever … but if you are thinking of children, teens or adults use the language they will understand. Find out what it is they they enjoy reading and what they want to read.
  2. Research – give yourself plenty of time for research. If you want to convince the reader that your world is real you will need to know all the details.
  3. Plan – plan the plot and subplots. There are many different methods you can use. I tend to plan from whole story, then chapter and finally, scene by scene.
  4. Write like you mean it – Don’t try to be someone that you are not. You will have a unique writers voice .
  5. Manage your time – set aside time to write. If you don’t, you won’t get anything done! Be really precious with that time and don’t double book it. Use that time well and don’t be distracted (turn off the wifi if needed!)
  6. Deadlines – give yourself deadlines. This can be number of words or chapters by a certain date. Having someone know your deadline can be a good motivation to keep to it.
  7. Edit – please use the computer’s help! Use spell and grammar check. These little helps can often teach you a few things along the way. You don’t have to go with all the suggestions, sometimes a fragment or run on sentence is needed.
  8. Editor – let someone be constructive with what you have written. Don’t be offended by the red pen and comments. A good editor will be able to make you shine!
  9. Wider perspective – writing a book is not what it used to be. Maybe think outside the box … post the chapters to a blog, self publish, give away free ebooks …
  10. Get ready for comments … or not! Try not to be too sensitive, some people won’t get you, but take on board any wisdom you can.

Hope you find these helpful. If you would like to check out my books you can find them on Amazon here.

Katy 🙂