“‘The Days if Eliora’ respectfully retells an amazing bible story by drawing you in with a great fictional plot and characters. I was really rooting for the characters and got a deeper sense of the beauty of the bible story itself. I loved the descriptions of the spirits and particularly all the smells surrounding the people and scenes. It fueled my imagination and got me thinking. Marvellous. L.White”

“Really enjoyed this book! Found the beginning a little slow but once we were a few chapters in, I found myself gripped. I wanted to know what was going to happen and found I needed to keep reading! I also loved being reminded of God’s grace, and how much he loves and cares for his children. This isn’t a hard read, but it is enjoyable and full of God’s truth.”

“I loved this book. And the previous one The Times of Kerim. Loved the completely fresh perspective on a familiar story and also the clever use of storytelling from the characters perspective as well as what is going on in the invisible spiritual dimension. Gripping. Highly recommended. Can’t wait until my kids are a bit older so they can enjoy it too.”

“This book and her previous entitled The Times of Kerim were both captivating! To be fully engrossed and feel an integral part of the excitement as the story surrounding an intriguing young woman developed was spellbinding…..”

“Absolutely Stunning. I read this book during 5 hour train journey and found it difficult to put it down when I reached my destination.”


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