I have to remind myself to look up. Sometimes life can get a bit intense and I get tempted to hide away, but when I look up out of the mess or complications I always get a better perspective. Maybe this is why I love big skies and stunning clouds.

The sky seems to be forever changing.

The other day I made a comment to my youngest child, that I was amazed at how the clouds stayed way up there, despite them being so heavy with rain. She then thought I really wanted an answer, but I didn’t, I just wanted to be in wonder of it all.

I take a fair few photos of clouds! I think they are like works of art that never stay stuck in one position. I like to contrast the clouds against the sun, often trying to capture the light as it breaks through. I don’t look at the sun through a lens as that would be dangerous, but I use the screen on my phone to find the best shot.

Autumn sky #clouds #sun #autumn
Autumn sky #clouds #sun #autumn
Clouds #nofilter
Clouds #nofilter
Clouds are so underrated. #clouds #cloud #whopaintstheskies
Morning sky #clouds

I have even looked at the sky from a different angle …



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