I have taken some time out from fiction writing to produce a colouring book for adults.

There are so many de-stress and therapy colouring books on the market that I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of “emptying your mind” to colour a picture I felt that an illustration that could inspire would be unusual. I wanted to produce something that would encourage positive thought processes.

I took a few selected words and illustrated them with the hope that quotes, wise words and dreams would come alive in the act of colouring.

I was inspired by my faith and friends. Below are a few snippets of the illustrations that can be found in Be Inspired Colouring Book..

Float - Feathers
Float – Feathers
Majesty - Lion
Majesty – Lion
Fit - Jigsaw
Fit – Jigsaw

Be Inspired Colouring Book is available here.9780992940485-Perfect (2)

The Blurb on the back reads:

Take a moment to Be Inspired as you colour.

This book contains varied hand drawn illustrations that are each focused around a word for you to enjoy.  There is space for you to note down any inspirational moments and insights as you colour.

A few of the words that are represented are secure, identity, freedom, comfort and transform. The drawings are orientated in both portrait and landscape and they can be taken out of the book to display without removing any of the other illustrations.

If you colour for relaxation or even therapy, this book will offer you something a little bit different for your everyday life. The drawings will give you time to yourself and space for that much needed breath of fresh air.

Sparkle – Stars