I love to take photographs. I’m not keen to be in photos but give me a camera and I am very comfortable. There is something quite remarkable about capturing a moment in time that never really loses its magic to me.

My lovely husband treated me to a new phone over the summer which has a neat little camera on it so I have been snapping away. This new development has meant that I have recently joined the ranks on Instagram.

Droplets on a dandelion #macro #closeup #seehimineverything #autumn

https://instagram.com/katyhollway/ (just in case you want to follow me on Instagram!) It is affirming to get likes and followers but there is more to it than that. I enjoy seeing what my friends have been up to and looking at beautiful photos that have been taken by complete strangers. These images can inspire me, and I guess I’d like my photos (and books) to do the same for others.

Enjoying the sun #schnauzer

I use the times when I walk my faithful friend (see above) to listen to podcasts, preaches and music. But there is often another dimension at play. Many of my photographs are shot at this time because I am aware of the creation that I am living in and feel a part of. It feels like the beauty that I often ignore or have limited time for is made more evident and I get to enjoy it.

Here are a few of my more recent photos …

Dewdrop #benjamintitles #closeup #macro
Hydrangea flower skeleton #macro #closeup #seehimineverything
Light breaking through #dandelion #silhouette #closeup #seehimineverything #nofilter
Dew drop magnifiers and reflections #macro #closeup #reflection #magnify #seehimineverything

I am beginning to really look and see the changing of the seasons and the intricacies of nature. All these things remind me to see Him in everything.

I hope to post a photo on here regularly and would love to hear from you.

(All photos on my blog and Instagram account are my property and cannot be used without agreement. Thanks!)

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