Facebook does that thing that tells you what you posted this day so many years ago. Well, this day three years ago, the first copy of my first book The Times of Kerim had arrived at my house. It was an exciting and unreal moment. I had spent a couple of years writing it and then had left it sitting in a computer file untouched while I summoned up the courage to show it to others.

BUT … The first copy was not all it claimed to be since the company that I have signed up with had printed the wrong manuscript! The editor had spent some time taking some of it apart and then, seemingly throwing it back together in a random manner while adding in a few spelling mistakes and massive misunderstood concepts. It was still my story, but a bashed about and mangled version. But the awful thing was that I had seen this version months before and had sent them the re-edited manuscript with story line restored, characters resolved and spell checked … they had uploaded the wrong file.

I have no idea who bought a copy of that first run, I know a few of my friends did. I was grateful for one upfront friend who said that she had enjoyed the book but found that the story seemed to be disjointed and she was distracted by the many mistakes. It was only when I checked my paperback copy against the one on my laptop that I realised the mistake had been made.

Now, The Times of Kerim is no longer published through that company (you are probably not surprised!) and has had a revision and new cover. It is available on kindle and a preview of the first three revised chapters can be read on my blog here.

The thing that interests me now, is how I reacted. I wondered what others thought of me and my disheveled book. But did it really matter? Well, essentially it did, it mattered massively! This is how my brain worked … “People must think I am complete idiot, that I can’t write and that they wasted their time. My friends must have not known what to say to me since if they were honest, the book was a sham so they said nothing at all.”

Let me ask that question again. Does it really matter what other people think of you? Well does it? I think, even just three years ago it mattered a whole lot more than it does now. So much has happened to me and my family that I have a different perspective. Things have changed, I decided that what others say and think shouldn’t dictate who I am. Of course, I love it when someone compliments me, and speaking as a creative person, we need others feedback so that we can improve, but now words won’t define me. I am defined by someone much bigger!

If you haven’t read any of my books, I would like to encourage you to find, borrow or even buy a copy and give them a go. The Remnant Chronicles – The Times of Kerim and The Days of Eliora are speculative fantasies. The story is told through a human and angelic point of view. They are based on stories that you may well be familiar with but haven’t considered in this way before. There are a few more in the series yet to be written but are brewing at the moment. The Compassion Prize is the first book from a new series of dystopian novels. Please check out the chapter samples on this blog where you can find the first three chapters. All these books are available through this link ….



Or you can get them here: The Times of Kerim  The Days of Eliora  The Compassion Prize