When the kitchen was fitted we could start to tackle the space under the stairs. We wanted to put in a desk/table and extra storage for computer type stuff!

DSC_0058 (2)

This is a tiny house, so the space available was small. A cupboard provided for a neat storage solution under the treads of the stairs. We had to trim off one corner so that it would fit under the turn of the stairs above but still be pushed into the depth of the under stairs void. Worktop at a lower height to the kitchen surfaces allowed for the space to feel like it should have a different purpose. The worktop was also cur at an angle so that it would fit under the stairs and on top of the cupboard.

The shallower kitchen cupboard at the lounge end of the kitchen gave more length to the desk. We had an angle cut to the worktop so that there was still depth to the kitchen edge but space at the desk edge.

Now for the ugly understairs …

As there is a turn the underside of the stairs is not flat. We considered tongue and groove but my maths head could not cope with that many angles. We opted for our wonderful plasterer to finish the job for us.

Although this meant an extra days work from the plasterer, it was worth it (it meant that the steel beam in our house that has been exposed since about the first month we moved in could also be plastered).

We roughly covered the lowest treads with plasterboard and then used chicken wire to form the curve of the turning treads.

DSC_0113 (2)

DSC_0112 (2)

DSC_0114 (2)

DSC_0115 (2)

DSC_0119 (2)DSC_0116 (2)


A mist coat of paint then a couple of topcoats of emulsion and it will look great. A little bit of trim to the front edge, then the stairs can be glossed too.

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