The Tiny House needed varying types of storage and these would be tackled in different ways.

We would build our own shelving on the mezzanine floor, use flat pack cupboards in the kitchen and lounge and create a desk area under the stairs.

We wanted there to be deeper storage space in the bedroom area where the ceiling sloped as this space would largely be unused. We built deep shelves that would be able to carry baskets/boxes for storage.

DSC_0767 (2)

The mezzanine needed to have a rail for safety reasons, but instead of just creating a normal balustrade with spindles we used the space to create a narrow bookshelf. This would also work to divide the space a little and help create a more private and secluded room.




We had created a double height lounge room but also wanted some great storage. We ordered, constructed and fitted kitchen cupboards to the lounge but used the height to our advantage.

We used tall, deep cupboards at either side of the space. These would be used as wardrobes. Shallow cupboards were installed in the centre. The two tall units on either side were fixed with shelves. They were fixed to the wall with plasterboard fixings unless the wood frame was conveniently in the right place.

The centre of the unit would become a small space for display. The drawers would have worktop fitted and then shelves would be fixed in the gap.

Using different cupboard depths enabled the lounge not to feel cramped.

Other cupboards were secured to the top and bridged the gap in the middle. These storage spaces would be too high to access for everyday items but would act like a small loft.

The cupboards go in but are not yet finished

The kitchen design had been changed since the stairs had been built. The space in this area needed to be functional but also useful. Taking into account that this was a tiny house and would not house a family, we knew that the likelihood that only one person would be in the kitchen at a time. The space was determined by one person using it. The cupboards were arranged with that in mind.


The shower room has a vanity unit for small storage space and a recess shelf in the cubicle.

DSC_0772DSC_0771 The unfinished rooms were really taking shape.

In the a few weeks time, I will be posting photos of the finished rooms …

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Tiny House book coming soon!

Update! Tiny House Building book available here.