The issue you are constantly facing in creating a Tiny House is space. There are many ways to make the most of the square meterage that you have. One way might have been to use a ladder instead of stairs.

We decided against a ladder and our decision to have stairs to access the mezzanine floor was based on several ideals. We wanted the Tiny House to have a homely and permanent feel but also have safety when sleepy visits to the kitchen or shower room were needed. Stairs are fixed in place, are a common feature in a house, do not require too much thought to climb or navigate and add structure to a building.

The layout for the stairs involved two quarter turns and could not be bought off the shelf. The first step would be next to the far lounge wall and the last step the middle of the mezzanine floor where head height was at its highest.

The stair case was ordered and delivered … in several pieces! They had been put together in the workshop and numbered so we knew that when assembled correctly we would have a staircase.

It took a while, but with a little patience and a bit of lateral thinking we were able to construct the staircase.

The many pieces of the stair case ....
The many pieces of the stair case ….





The stair case is assembled!
Looking don from above
Looking down from above

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I am compiling a book which covers the whole process in detail. It should be ready soon so watch this space.

Update: Tiny House Building book is now available here.