March 20th 2015 saw the extraordinary events of a Supermoon, eclipse and Spring equinox. The equinox and eclipse hasn’t happened together since 1662, but to add to this, the Supermoon (when the moon is closest to the earth and therefore appears biggest) occurred only 12 hours before.


Unfortunately, thick cloud covered the sky so the only shots I got of the eclipse were from the T.V., but the sun did break through the cloud right at the end. WOW!

Many ancient cultures made stories telling of the sun being swallowed or chased to describe the occurrence of an eclipse. However, it must have been a frightening experience for those that didn’t know that the sun would reappear. In our educated and modern way of living, we can push aside that fear because we know better. We know that the sun will reemerge from behind the moon and that all will be well, no unforeseen disaster will befall us.

The moon is exactly 400 times smaller than the sun  but is also 400 times closer to the earth. No other planet has eclipses like ours because of this relationship between the sun and moon. I heard Brian Cox say on the BBC coverage it was an absolute coincidence … hmmm. But what if this wasn’t a coincidence …

What if the sun was positioned in the solar system just so, that the planets were at certain distances so that only Earth could sustain life, that the moon would be exactly the right size to hide the sun once every 18 months but be seen in different locations?

Science informs us about our world and the universe beyond, but does science hold all the answers? No and I am glad that it doesn’t! Scientific theories are just that, theories. The facts are difficult to obtain no matter how frustrating it is for those wanting the answers.

The Bible describes many things that science had to catch up on and then proved right (for example, earth being a “circle”- Isaiah 40:22, rather than flat). Joel wrote a prophecy and it is recorded in the Bible. In Joel 2:31 it says: The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord

But actually there is hope too. Just before this verse Joel tells us of exciting times when God will be with His people once again. Joel 2:28-32 reads:

‘And afterwards,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,
    your young men will see visions.
29 Even on my servants, both men and women,
    I will pour out my Spirit in those days.
30 I will show wonders in the heavens
    and on the earth,
    blood and fire and billows of smoke.
31 The sun will be turned to darkness
    and the moon to blood
    before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
32 And everyone who calls
    on the name of the Lord will be saved;
for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem
    there will be deliverance,
    as the Lord has said,
even among the survivors
    whom the Lord calls.

The Magi read the stars and signs set in place thousands of years ago. You can read my short story about them here: (

Would God not continue to use His creation to speak to us now?

The reemerging sun

I wanted to capture the eclipse in photographs but we had thick clouds so I ended up watching the BBC coverage and was amazed at the beauty. But the thing that I found captivating was that the clouds in Brighton began to thin after the eclipse when all the danger of damaging my sight had. The sun was still shining and heating the earth and the false darkness had gone because the light was filtering through.

Life can be and is tough. This little experience, on this remarkable day, has reminded me that no matter what is heading my way, be it good or bad, I know The One that true light flows from. He will protect me in His cloud and will banish darkness forever.