I may be an author … but I am also a trained interior architect. I am married to a builder, which some might say is a great match since I can design and he can build, but inevitably it leads to slightly larger building projects than a set of shelves. We have been tackling a new building project in this last season. I will be posting a series of blogs about the journey of converting our garage into a tiny house. I hope that you enjoy.

At the end of last year we were given permission to covert our garage into a tiny house …

This meant that all the stuff that was currently in our brick garage needed a new home. Our house is located on a triangular plot and has a very large front garden. (When we bought the house we had no idea what size the garden was as it was so overgrown – but that is a different story.) The decision to put a “new” garage in the front garden was made. We researched the cost of a new garage and they were expensive so we turned to ebay and grabbed ourselves a bargain. We picked up a prefabricated concrete garage for 99p! It would need a new roof since the existing was asbestos and a concrete base would need to be laid, but it was still very good value.

The bargain garage!
The bargain garage!


The slabs were very heavy but slotted together like a simple puzzle.

Not very pretty

All it needed was a coat of paint … and some willing volunteers.

Family project

A couple of the windows were broken but that took only a few pennies to replace (the glass cost more than the garage).

My husband teaching our youngest how to replace the window
My husband teaching our youngest how to replace the window.

Of course, the stuff that we had accumulated over 20 years of marriage was sorted and the items we were keeping were placed in their new home along with several boxes of boot sale items.

The finished front garden garage sits quite comfortably in the garden now. We are hoping to grow some plants up the walls for a bit of colour and texture. Overall, a successful start to the project.

Finished "new" garage
Finished “new” garage

In the next post, I will be showing you the beginnings of the tiny house.

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