I haven’t been here for a while.  Life has been, well full of life really, plenty of ups and downs. While I consider what to blog next, I thought I would  share a few reviews and thoughts about The Times of Kerim …

“Just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed your book! It’s the first one I’ve finished in a long time, I loved loved loved the story. Especially the two realms of perspective (trying to avoid any spoilers!). You’re gifted.”  Michelle (Facebook)

“Brilliant book, gripping and inspiring, thoroughly recommended!!”  Lena (Goodreads)

“Fantastic novel, Katy. Well done. Look forward to more novels”.  Stella (Facebook)

“Finished reading Kerim! Fantastic really enjoyed it.  Couldn’t put it down, highly recommended! Looking forward to the next book”.  Kym (Facebook)

“To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from this book. The blurb doesn’t give too much away and in the first couple of chapters you are launched straight into the horrors Kerim is rescued form without any explanation. I have to say though, I was pleased I kept reading.

I liked the characters. I felt a lot of empathy for Kerim. She couldn’t see how special she was and even in the worst times she wanted to protect and rescue her family.

I think this is an excellent book. It was gripping and insightful. It is encouraging and well written. I think this book will appeal to adults as well as young adults. The book isn’t overly religious. There is fear, real threat plus love and action in this book. I read this in one sitting and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next book! ****” Katie (Goodreads)

“Just this minute finished your book.  Well done you! What a beautiful ending.  Looking forward to the next instalment.”  Karen

“Loved the book. Have just read it. Well done.”  Rosie

“Such a very clever idea! Brilliant book”.  (Facebook)

“I am loving your book. I am reading it very slowly because I know that I will have a little wait for the next one. I have been recommending it to all friends who live reading.”  Jen (Facebook)

“I really enjoyed this book..
The story was very good and engaging and I read this in just a couple of sittings.
Worth the money and I look forward to the next book from this new author. ****” Emma (Amazon uk)

“Although written for teenagers I really enjoyed this ‘good over evil’ book (about Kerim, a young woman whose life story is no accident but watched over by a supreme being with the help of angels). I must say it is a great read with eye opening surprises and highly suitable to catch the imagination of my older grand-children and also my adult friends. A very exciting story which illuminated my senses to see what could really have happened in Earth’s history. *****” Rick (Amazon uk)

Please pick up a copy here.