Writing time is precious time.  As a busy home school mum, sitting down to write can be a problem.

I am incredibly  blessed with wonderful parents who take on the role of teachers one day a week.  When my kids go to my parents’ house they generally leave their school books behind and instead learn how to cook.  Perhaps I will post a few of their recipes on this blog.  They come home with a delicious meal, pudding and cake … a true day off for me!

On this one day a week, I do my best to sit and write.  But I am not alone!

I would like to introduce you to my writing companion.


She is only just one and totally adorable!  My miniature Schnauzer always demands a walk (unless it is raining because she refuses to walk in the rain!).  On our walk we may take to the local nature reserve or park or on very muddy days, just a walk around the streets.  Even in this activity she is helping me be creative.  I plan out in my head what needs to be completed before the end of the day, mull over scenes and conversations the characters need to have, readjust the plot and contemplate new ideas.

My plans are clear and ordered before she joins me on the sofa with my laptop to write.  She likes to sit as close as possible often trying to rest her head on my arm which seriously restricts my typing.  I don’t know how many times I have to shift her over so that my arm doesn’t go numb!  She is generally very well behaved and  settles down to let me write for a couple of hours without much disturbance.  She often dreams as she sleeps, her feet almost running and her nose twitching.

When she thinks that she has had enough of the tip tapping of the keyboard, she gets up, yawns in a very satisfying way and then proceeds to lick or chew at my fingers.  She dictates that I take a break.  She has taught me not to procrastinate because the time I have could so easily be disturbed by her playfulness.

I often have to stop mid sentence or have to jot down a few notes of where my head was going, but in the long run, her interruptions help me.  I get so immersed in what I am doing that I could forget to eat lunch or drink.

She often wants to be taken outside, so the fresh air (and it has been particularly fresh in the UK this year) clears my head and hers.  She will often dart for her deflated blue ball and then challenge me to get it off her.  I always lose!  I am not an exercise fanatic so this little bit of chasing and playing gets the blood rushing and the brain working creatively again.

My Schnauzer will listen intelligently when I read scenes aloud, testing them for length and interest, often tilting her head as if she really understands what I am saying.  She may not be the best critic but she is definitely a source of enjoyment and entertainment on my writing days.