I have just been for a walk with my little dog.  It is a daily routine for us … gets us out of the house and into the fresh air!

We are usually met with the quiet streets and the odd (not strange!) dog walkers.  Tonight, however, there were plenty of small groups of children, accompanied by adults carrying orange lantern bags and dressed in odd (this time definitely strange) outfits.  It is Halloween.

A friend of mine on a social networking site had entered an interesting comment to her status.  “Finds it weird that in our usually ‘namby pamby over protective country’ folk think it’s fine 2 send kids out to strangers houses tonight???”   Another wrote this, “Saddened today walking through my town and seeing so many children dressed up. Why would a parent encourage their child to take on the appearance of evil?”

What is the fascination with this day?  For some, it is what they would describe as harmless fun.  For others it is about scaring and threatening neighbours into getting what they want.  But are humans drawn to celebrate this event because they can relate to the spiritual?  Do we have a spiritual part to us?

Having spent hours writing about the supernatural, I find both comments really interesting.  When dressed up as evil, can we take on evil at a strangers house?  Or is it that when we take on the appearance of evil, we feel safe because others will be frightened?   I would not want to relate with any of the creatures that appear in my books and I certainly would not want to meet one face to face on a dark and windy night. The great thing is, if there is evil, there must be good, because evil would not be evil unless there was good to weigh it against.   Believing that there are spiritual beings that work for the good … now that is something I would want to celebrate … and oddly (not strangely but happily looking forward to) enough I will be doing just that in December.