Do any of you remember that film?

The opening follows the joy of getting an email from a friend.

These days we all send emails and texts, follow on twitter or have long lists of friends on facebook.  But there is something special about getting actual mail.

I recently got a lovely parcel … but missed out on a whole day of joy.

I saw the postman arrive and heard the metal letter flap on the postbox outside my house but did not go out and collect the letters.  I was so busy with other things that I didn’t open the box until late afternoon.

BUT … there it was.  A parcel addressed to me, not very big, not very heavy, but I knew what it contained and now that I knew it was there, could not wait to open it.

I ripped it open and there it was … my book.  The book that I had spent hours writing and re-writing was in my hands.  It was real, it had happened!  I had to flick through the pages just to check!

We are often so busy doing stuff that we fail to enjoy the things already given to us.