I am sure you have read how difficult it is to get published unless you know someone, who knows someone else in publishing.

Getting someone to read your work is probably more difficult than writing the first book.  After all, the first book is a part of who you are, and not everyone agrees with what you think turns pages.  Some would say it is down to luck, others would say it depends how famous you are!  It can be so frustrating seeing all the celebs on telly promoting their latest book, feeling that they are only there because of who they are … I didn’t want to be frustrated any more so I did something about it.

I picked up copies of Writers and Artists yearbooks, amazed at the number of publishers out there … who could potentially reject me!   But I also found the Christian Writers’ Market Guide, a much more tailored approach for me to find a publisher.

I wasn’t ready for the publisher yet.  The thought of anyone but me reading what I had written was terrifying, but I had to trust someone.  A great friend of mine was the first to read my manuscript, and I say great, because the first edit wasn’t all that!  He was genuinely constructive, giving the right amount of praise and humour to counter balance the more cutting remarks.   I fresh set of eyes on something that I had viewed for such a long time made all the difference.  He asked the right questions which produced a superior work. It was with his amazing insight that I had a piece of work that I felt I could put before a publisher.

Having been prodded by friends and family, I took the bold step in January 2011 and I gently enquired of  a handful of publishers.  All replied and all but one positively!   It really does something to your spirit when others who don’t know you are enthusiastic about something you have created.

I found my publisher and began the long process of getting my book out there.  It truly is an adventure.

Going through edit ideas, cover images, author notes and book jacket blurbs is very exciting … but I am eagerly waiting for the day I finally hold my book in my hand.  Roll on September 2012!